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AudienceReport validates your campaigns in real-time based on real people.

What is audiencereport?

Finally. Audience Measurement done right.

AudienceReport is a powerful tool from AudienceProject, enabling agencies and publishers to plan and optimize campaigns in real time so they can reach the intended audience and reduce media spend. Based on 1+ mio online panelists – carefully weighed to match the online population – you can get a socio-demographic profile for even small campaigns.

Target group validation

Know if you’re reaching the intended audience

When you track a campaign in AudienceReport, you’ll quickly know exactly what kind of audience is being exposed to your campaign, and which placements in your campaign are most effective at hitting the target group you’ve defined.

Real time. Real people.

Act fast based on numbers you can trust

A strong team of skilled researchers, system engineers, designers and developers combined with the massive online panels from our own ecosystem, ensure that campaign reporting of socio-demographics is accurate, understandable and updated in real time – making AudienceReport a true joy to use.

Plan & Optimize

Optimize campaigns and reduce media spend

Besides being blazingly fast, AudienceReport is also flexible. As results are coming in, you can easily add, hide and show campaign placements to see how it affects the overall results. This allows you to continuously optimze your media plan and get the most out of your campaign budget.

Cross platform and device

Measure your campaign across devices

The digital ad industry and the way people consume media is rapidly evolving. As technology catches on, so is our list of supported channels. Currently, you can track campaigns across browser based media, native apps, WebTV, Addressable TV – even traditional TV and radio.

Tip of the iceberg

AudienceReport does a lot. Take a closer look:

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"AudienceReport helps us validate if our campaigns reach the intended target group. This is very valuable to us."

Jakob Møllman

“With AudienceReport we are able to document 'who does what' on both native and display campaigns.”

Thomas Hervø
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