Case stories

Whether you’re a publisher, agency or advertiser our audience measurement tool and brand lift studies will be of great value to you. We´ve asked a few clients, why AudienceReport has become a vital tool to them.

The true value of an engaged audience

Be On, a division of AOL Networks, is a global branded entertainment platform. They wanted to document the true value of generating an engaged audience in the award winning digital campaign Spies Solar Project.

As an online video distribution network focusing on delivering the right engagement effects in the right audience, BeOn (formerly Goviral) has been looking for ways to document the audience reached and the effects delivered. Using AudienceReport´s panels and technology BeOn was capapable of documenting the true value of generating an engaged audience in the Cannes Silver Bear award winning digital campaign Spies Solar Project for the travel agency Spies Travels.


Jakob Stigler

Managing Director, Be On Nordic

Making sense of digital WebTV campaigns and traditional TV advertisements on the same mediaplan

How do you compare TV TRPs and WebTV impressions? It´s like comparing bananas and peas. As an innovative agency group, Aegis Media wanted to bridge this gap when running campaigns on both media platforms.

A fundamental problem trying to understand WebTV and regular TV advertising in conjunction is that there is no meaningful relationship between the numbers used for buying TV and WebTV. How do you compare TV TRPs and WebTV impressions? It´s like comparing bananas and peas. By utilizing the power of our unique audience measurement tool, Aegis has been able to bridge this gap. They’re now able to measure their digital WebTV campaigns on key TV-inspired metrics, such as TRP, reach and frequency – in any given target group.


Jeppe Lehrmann

Digital Manager, Aegis Media

Nordic audience panels for campaign
and publisher measurement

Smartclip and Adconion want to lead the way into the future of planning and executing video and display campaigns efficiently so as to maxime the audience reached and the campaign effects generated. Integrating the AudienceReport measurement technology deep into the advertising system enables Smartclip and Adconion to use the full scope of the networks´s ad traffic to generate both very detailed Campaign Audience Measurement reports but also detailed information about the Audience Profiles of each of the Publishers in the network. In turn providing a second to none capability to plan and target campaigns toward the right target groups.


Jonas Rundgren

Business Development Director, Smartclip

Cross media effects and incremental Reach

For a range of large advertisers, deep knowledge about how to combine different medias in order to maximize campaigns effects is crucial. This is what OmnicomMediaGroup wanted to accomplish on behalf of their clients.

Utilizing AudienceReports unique combination of campaign audience measurement and survey-interview capabilities, OmnicomMediaGroup has on behalf of clients gained unique insights into how different mediaplatforms play together with online advertising. Using a combination of Campaign Audience Measurement and survey-interviews, it has been possible to identify the effects of combining different mediaplatforms. In addition, the incremental reach of the different medias can be estimated and used for campaign evaluation and planning of future campaigns.


Peter Loell

Senior Digital Director, OmnicomMediaGroup