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"AudienceReport helps us validate if our campaigns reach the people we want to reach and if we reach them where we plan. Needless to say, this is highly valuable to us."

Jakob Møllmann

“AudienceReport provides us with a nice overview of the performance of our campaigns on a number of important key metrics. This enables us to deliver thorough documentation of our campaigns’ performance to our customers.”

John Aleman
Commercial Director

“AudienceReport allows us to validate reach within very specific target groups improving our capability to choose the best purchasing strategies across screens, formats and media. This in the end helps us to significantly increase the ROI on our customers’ media investments.”

Jussi Piri
Managing Director

“The real time measurements in AudienceReport allows us to optimise our campaigns while they are still active, helping us reach the campaign targets and cut down on wastage”

Bjarte Humborstad
Chief Digital Officer

“With AudienceReport we are able to document 'who does what' on both native and display campaigns. This helps us document our ability to reach and engage specific target audiences.”

Thomas Hervø
Head of Ad Sales

“With AudienceReport we are able to measure how effective we are at reaching the intended target group on each media placement. This enables us to adjust our media planning and achieve a higher reach in the intended target group.”

Johnnie Åkerström
Partner & Broadcast Advise

“AudienceReport provides us with valuable insights on which media placements are most effective at hitting the intended target group enabling us to optimise our campaign performance”

Tomas Tomasi
Digital Director

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