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Features that make you shine

AudienceReport measures your digital audience and validates the performance of your campaigns. It provides you with instant, actionable insights, allowing you to swiftly optimize your media plan, reduce wastage of impressions and document it to clients and colleagues.

Real people. Real time.

The socio demographic measurement in AudienceReport is based on our big online panels and intelligent algorithms, ensuring detailed reports and large sample sizes – even for small campaigns. Numbers are updated real time allowing for swift campaign optimisation.

All the metrics you could wish for

AudienceReport tells you how your campaign performs on a multitude of important key metrics. This includes among other things the profile of your audience, reach in target group, affinity, frequency and number of TRPs delivered.

Built for both publishers and agencies

AudienceReport is a powerful campaign validation tool, that’s already widely used by major clients, such as Facebook, Google, agencies like GroupM and OMG and publishers like Johnston Press and MTG.

Easy and beautiful report export

Reporting in AudienceReport is intuitive and beautiful. Not only that – you’ll look good in front of customers, as reports can easily be exported to Excel or a nice PDF / Powerpoint presentation, customized with your logo and brand colors.

Other features & integrations


Understand which kind of effect your campaign had on your target group.

True Frequency

Document the true frequency of your campaigns

Cross TV & Digital

Measure campaign performance across different channels.

Addressable TV measurement

Measure your campaigns running on addressable TV devices

In-App Tracking

Validate campaign performance on campaigns running in-app.

Custom Segments

Validate campaign performance against your own custom segments..

Event Tracking

Measure campaign performance on a multitude of relevant KPI’s.

Quality Score

Measure the quality of your campaign impressions

Intercept Surveys

Document the actual effect of campaigns running on your website.

Adform Integration

Track and validate your Adform campaigns in AudienceReport.

DFP Integration

Automatically track and validate your DFP campaigns in AudienceReport

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