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Addressable TV

Measure your campaigns running on addressable TV devices

New opportunities = new requirements

With the introduction of the addressable TV format, advertisers now have the opportunity of targeting and reaching specific audiences with their TV campaign - along with those opportunities comes a new need for measurement.

AudienceReport gives you true cross-device measurement

The Addressable TV measurement feature in AudienceReport gives you the opportunity to not only measure your campaigns across computers, tablets and mobiles but also across Apple TVs, Chromecasts, Rokus, PlayStations etc. and combine it with online TV and linear TV to achieve true cross-device measurement of your campaigns.

Improve media mix and minimise waste

You can use the addressable TV measurement feature to see the effects of your campaigns across online video, addressable TV and linear TV in a coherent measurement. This allows you to continuously analyse and optimise your campaigns to improve your media mix and minimise waste.

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