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Cross TV & Digital

Measure campaign performance across different channels

Platforms and devices are merging

In a time where digital and TV are the biggest advertising markets, the demand for coherent audience measurements is growing by the minute. 

Bridging the gap between TV and Digital

AudienceReport has created an integration with Techedge, which makes it possible to measure campaign performance across different channels. By combining data from AudienceReport’s measurement platform with TV-meter data in TechEdge’s TV-analysis tool AdvantEdge, a merged data set for digital and TV is generated.

Optimize campaigns while they’re running

You can use the integration between AudienceReport and TechEdge to see how well your campaigns perform even while the campaigns are still active. This allows you to continuously analyse, optimise and plan your campaigns and thereby minimise waste.

Helps you create the right mix of TV and Digital

Furthermore, you can use the integration to document the performance of digital campaigns compared to TV campaigns. This allows you to optimise the media mix between digital campaigns and TV campaigns and minimise waste.

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