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Custom Segments

From gamers to sports fans. Validate campaign performance against any segment imaginable!

Document your ability to reach very specific segments

With AudienceReport you get to know the audience of your campaigns based on a multitude of socio demographics - like age, gender and income. But sometimes you might want to validate your campaigns against a much more specific target group.

Validate campaigns against any segment imaginable

With Custom Segments in AudienceReport, you can go beyond standard demographics and measure reach, TRP’s, frequency etc. against any target group imaginable – car owners, gamers, tennis players, coffee drinkers… well, the sky is the limit.

Choose from a list of existing segments or create your own

Selected AudienceData segments can already be added to your target group – these high-quality segments include purchase intent and ownership of a variety of products – like cars, phones, groceries, etc. You also have the option of using your own self-defined segments. This is done by collecting data through UserReport or your own CRM software. The collected data is then converted into the AudienceReport segment format and can then be imported and made available for validation in AudienceReport.

Advertisers can make sure they’re reaching relevant people

With Custom Segments, you can finally show advertisers that you’re able to reach X amount of the people, who are relevant to their brand or product. This by getting to know if the ones exposed to your campaigns are actually in the market for the products being advertised or if the ones exposed to your campaigns have a specific interest in the products. This enables you to show the real effect of your targeting data

Publishers can document the quality of their media

As a publisher, you can finally show advertisers, that your media is able to reach the target group relevant to the advertisers’ campaigns. This will help you increase the value of your inventory and turn advertisers into loyal customers who keep coming back for more.

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