Custom Segments

From gamers to sportsfans. Validate campaign performance against your own custom segments!

Document your ability to reach specific segments

With AudienceReport you get to know the audience of your campaigns based on a multitude of socio demographics - like age, gender and income. But sometimes you might want to validate your campaigns against more specific segments. 

AudienceReport validates anything

With AudienceReport you can validate your campaign performance against your own self-defined segments. You start our by collecting data through UserReport or your own CRM software. The collected data is then converted into the AudienceReport segment format and can then be imported and made available for validation in AudienceReport.

Advertisers can make sure they’re reaching relevant people

Advertisers can use the feature to get insights on how well campaigns perform in regards to very specific target groups related to the products or services presented in the campaigns. This gives advertisers the opportunity to optimise their media planning against people directly connected to their products or services.

Publishers can document the quality of their media

Meanwhile, publishers can use the feature to ensure their advertisers that they reach their desired target groups giving publishers the opportunity to document the quality of their media.

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