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DoubleClick for Publishers integration

Automatically track and validate your DFP campaigns in AudienceReport

Making life easier for publishers using DFP

Being a publisher in today’s media industry can sometimes be hard work. Working across multiple platforms means you’ll often find yourself performing duplicate tasks – like creating tracking pixels in AudienceReport for each of your DFP campaigns over and over again. But no more.

Speed up your daily workflow

The new DFP integration will drastically improve your daily workflow. When activated, AudienceReport automatically creates a new campaign report whenever you initiate a new campaign in DFP. It’s as simple as that.

Bonus: Automatic in-view and click tracking

Not only does the new integration remove all the hassle of setting up campaign after campaign with tracking pixels. It also lets you track in-view without lifting a finger. You can even add click tracking to get a full conversion funnel from impression to in-view to click.

How it works

In order to start tracking your DFP campaigns in AudienceReport, you’ll need an active UserReport Premium subscription and the latest UserReport script installed on each of your websites. Once that is taken care of, the integration can easily be activated in your AudienceReport account settings.

Get started

If you want to get started with the integration, reach out to your contact person at AudienceProject or get in touch with sales here. If needed you’ll find more information about the DPF integration in our FAQ.

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