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Understand which kind of effect your campaign had on your target group.

Did your campaign actually work?

Knowing your audience is essential when it comes to planning and optimising your campaign -  and achieving a higher reach in desired target groups. But often, you'll want to know whether or not your campaign actually had a positive effect on your audience.

EngagementReport bridges the gap

By doing in depth brand lift studies with EngagementReport – an addon to AudienceReport – it’s possible to document the real effect of your campaigns once they’ve run.

Exposed vs. not exposed

With EngagementReport we’re combining the audience measurement you know from AudienceReport with our survey panels and survey those who have been exposed and who haven’t been exposed to your campaigns. This allows us to do accurate studies of the real effect of your campaigns on a number of parameters such as Campaign Awareness, Brand Awareness and Brand in Consideration Set.

Revealing the true campaign effect

You can use EngagementReport to prove to your advertisers that the campaigns have had an actual effect – that the exposed are able to recall the campaign and the brand behind the campaign and that they have an interest in buying products from the brand.

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