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Event Tracking

Measure your campaign performance on a multitude of relevant KPI’s

Impressions don’t tell the full story

Don't get us wrong, impressions are great. But when it comes to validating the success of your campaign, they usually don’t tell the full story. What if your ads were merely loaded and never actually viewed? Did people watch your video through to the end? Did they click? And ultimately - did they convert? Those are often the metrics that matter most.

Event tracking to the rescue

Whenever you create a campaign in AudienceReport, you have the option of  defining a list of events you’d like to track along with it – including inview, clicks, video start, video end, conversion and more.

Gives you a deeper understanding

By adding different events to your campaign, you get a much deeper understanding of how your campaign is actually performing and where in the conversion process, that your audience gets lost.

Who does what?

Not only that, AudienceReport even lets you dig into the audience of each of your events, so you can see if there’s a difference in gender, age, income and more. This enables you to optimise your media planning against the events that are most important to your campaign.

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