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Intercept Surveys

Show advertisers the actual effect of running campaigns on your website.

You need a way to show how much your inventory rocks

As a publisher, when selling your inventory to advertisers, you want to make your media look as attractive as possible. A convincing way to do this is by showing advertisers what effect they can expect if running campaigns on your website.

Intercept Surveys – a powerful tool for any publisher

With Intercept Surveys in AudienceReport, we’ve made it possible to conduct your own effect studies of campaigns running on your websites and document the actual effect of those campaigns.

How Intercept Surveys works

By surveying an equal distribution of users who have been exposed and haven’t been exposed to a campaign, you can compare the two groups directly – and thereby tell if the ones exposed actually remember the campaign – and brand – better than the ones not exposed to it. You can also check whether they are more likely to purchase the product or service presented in the campaign.

The result: unquestionable documentation

By conducting effect studies through the intercept survey feature, you’re able to tell how campaigns running on your website affect the relevant target groups. You can thereby document the quality of your media assets in order to attract potential advertisers.

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