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Quality Score

Measure the quality of your campaign impressions

The quality of your impressions matters

An impression isn’t just an impression. The value of an impression depends on a number of different things. Is the impression loaded in the intended geographical area? Is it transparent on which media the impression is delivered? And has the impressions actually been viewed? These are all factors determining whether the impression is of high quality or low quality.

Campaign quality score

When tracking a campaign in AudienceReport, you have the opportunity to measure the quality of your campaign impressions based on three quality metrics – Geo Compliance, Transparency and Viewability – which together constitute an overall quality score for your campaign.

Get a deeper understanding

With the quality metrics, you get a deeper understanding of where your traffic comes from and how many that actually see your campaign. More specifically, you will get to know in which geographical area your impressions are loaded, if your impressions have a media referrer and if your impressions have been in view.

Increase the number of valuable impressions

By tracking the quality of your impressions, you will be able to optimize your campaigns the media delivering the most valuable impressions – impressions that have been viewed by a human in the right geographical location on a defined media – and in this way optimize the performance of your campaign and get the most out of your campaign budget.

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