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True Frequency

Document the true frequency of your campaigns

Document humans - not devices

In a world where people use an ever-increasing number of devices, the ability to get the frequency right is central to Audience Measurement.

Cookies get lost

Measuring frequency the right way is hard. Traditional cookies get deleted and there’s no easy way of measuring someone’s activity across different devices, apps, browsers and platforms. As a result, campaign measurement usually reports on device frequency. But wouldn’t it be nice to actually know how many humans – not devices – were exposed to your ad? Now you can.

Finally. An intelligent measurement of frequency.

AudienceReport has worked countless hours to build an intelligent model, that utilizes machine learning and deep learning algorithms, connecting different devices, browsers and apps to humans – we call it the AudienceGraph. Finally you can make well-informed descisions about how to optimize your campaign.

Whitepaper: Getting frequency right

As our service relies on rather complicated technology, statistics and data, we’ve created a whitepaper, that aims to outline in as non technical terms as possible first why the frequency problem is indeed a hard one, then different approaches to deal with the issue and, finally, our approach to deliver precise measurements.

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